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A unique opportunity to receive tuition from one of America and Nashville's leading songwriters in Edinburgh’s prime music venue in Scotland’s Capital City.

A great song, like all art, holds a mirror up and reflects who we are. Songwriting, at its heart, is storytelling, and telling your story in a compelling way comes down to authenticity. It’s about what you say, and what you don’t say. It’s about the truth, not necessarily the facts. In this intensive two day workshop, we’ll explore the process of songwriting—the art and the craft, and the delicate balance between the two. We’ll learn how to keep a sense of creative play and when (and how) to welcome the inner critic into the room. We’ll find ways to work through “writer’s block.” We’ll learn that only through the specific do you achieve the universal— the holy grail in songwriting and all writing. We’ll learn to write from the inside out, beginning with the spark of an idea and following it all the way to its full realization. (Gretchen)

Limited number of places | Tue 4 & Wed 5 September

Photo by Gina Binkley


Gretchen Peters Workshop

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