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Everything you need to know about coming along to QH.

Bags and belongings

Security may carry out bag checks when you enter the building. Although we have no strict rules about bag size we would ask that for everyone's comfort you bring as little as possible with you .


For large bags, coats and umbrellas we have a cloakroom which will be situated either in the corridor between the Box Office and the bar or up in the Hope Scott Room, the mezzanine level of the bar. Charges vary from £1-£2 per item. If the cloakroom is upstairs and you have access issues, please speak to an Usher who will be able to assist you.


We do not have a blanket policy on photography and filming as this is often up to the individual artist or promoter. Please refer to signs on the night and do not take photos or record video if you are specifically requested not to.

We may sometimes take photographs for our own purposes, in which case notices will be around the venue. If you have any issues with your image being used in marketing please speak to an Usher.

Meet & greet / VIP tickets

Promoters sometimes offer tickets with added benefits such as photo opportunities, a chance to sit in on the soundcheck and limited edition merchandise. These tickets aren't usually sold through The Queen's Hall so your ticket provider will give you details ahead of the event.

Tickets purchased elsewhere

If you have issues or questions about tickets purchased from another outlet, you will need to contact them directly. We cannot advise on the terms and conditions of tickets which were not bought through The Queen's Hall. We strongly recommend against buying tickets from Viagogo as we will have no record of your ticket details and may refuse entry.

Merchandise / Programmes

Many artists and promoters choose to sell merchandise such as t-shirts and posters. This will be available in the bar area. Some classical concerts have programmes available, which you can purchase from an Usher.


Public WiFi is available throughout The Queen's Hall on the network called, unsurprisingly, QueensHall.

Age restrictions

Individual shows will have age restrictions, but as a general rule all unrestricted (standing) gigs are for over 14s only. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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