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A quiet revolution: English vocal music during the interregnum

The Civil War destroyed lives, families and the cultural fabric of a nation. But musicians are resourceful, and a few brave souls continued to experiment with vocal and instrumental techniques that, they hoped would come back into service “when the King enjoys his own again” (as one of the decade’s most popular ballads put it).  Music by Robert Johnson, Henry and William Lawes, John Hilton, Robert Ramsey and Giulio Caccini.

Theatre of the Ayre - Nicholas Mulroy, tenor; Matthew Brook, bass; Elizabeth Kenny, lutes and Alison McGillivray, viola da gamba and lyra viol

“The lutenist Elizabeth Kenny and her ensemble Theatre of the Ayre bring their listeners closer to the music they have been playing since the time they were created, in a virtuosic and entertaining way.”

(Niels Kaiser, HR2)

Theatre of Ayre