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Shakin Stevens, the platinum-selling entertainer and performer will be joined by his band to perform fan favourites, surprises and, of course, his much-loved hits including Oh Julie, Hot Dog and This Ole House.

The UK's biggest-selling artist of a decade, with 33 hit singles and four UK No. 1s to his name, and chart-toppers around the world, recently returned to the UK charts with the release of his acclaimed 2016 album ‘Echoes of Our Times’. Inspired by Shaky’s research into his family history and uncovered tales of wartime heroics, salvationists and strife in the copper mines of Cornwall, and with influences from blues, folk and Americana as well as his trademark rocking style, it was one of the most surprising and acclaimed albums of the year. 

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“There’ll be hits and some songs that I haven’t performed live on stage for a decade or two… I’ve also included well-known songs from other artists whose work I admire, together with album tracks and newer songs. I can’t wait to get back on the road and to have a great time with the audiences.”  

(Shakin Stevens)

Shakin' Stevens