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In addition to the Trust and Foundations who support us, the following organisations and people have given generously to our various projects and fundraising campaigns.

Their support is vital in enabling us to fulfil our remit to deliver quality live music and learning and engagement programmes within Edinburgh and we are very grateful to them.

If you would like to be part of this group, please contact David Heavenor, Development Manager:

Core funding

The City of Edinburgh Council
The Best Trust
Mr Richard Burns

External renovations

Historic Environment Scotland
The Scottish Government


Professor John Dale

Piano Repairs and Renewals

Douglas Home; Inches Carr Trust; Hilary Ross; Jill Shanks; Patrick Simpson in Memory of Hester Dickson; William Stevens; Bruce Stout; Grant Sutherland

Website re-design

The Bacher Trust

Upgrades to Ventilation System

The Binks Trust


Joyce Agnew; Francis Brewis; Philip Cunningham; Evelyn Matheson; Mary McKenzie; Kathleen Newis; Karin Froebel Overton; Muriel Marshall Smith in memory of Violet Rennie

Honorary Patrons

Phil Cunningham; Christine de Luca; Barbara Dickson; William Duncan; Bruce Findlay; Brigadier Mel Jameson CBE; Bruce MacGregor; Mark Mackie; Malcolm Martineau; Alexander McCall Smith CBE; John McCusker; Tudor Morris; Rosie Munro; Steven Osborne; Sir Timothy O'Shea; Gretchen Peters; Karine Polwart; Ricky Ross; Thursa Sanderson; Anne Sturrock; Roderick Wylie.

Memberships / donations

Lady Angela Alexander; Joseph Anderson; Hugh Andrew; Nicholas Ashton; Geoffrey Ball; Shirley Ballantine; Anne Barany; EA Bayne-Jardine; Elizabeth Beedie; Liz Bibby; Monica Birch; Jane Blackie; Dr Diane Bolger; Ian & Patricia Bouchier; Matilda Boulogne; Very Rev Canon Patrick Boylan; Dr Richard Bowie; Prof Ken Bowler; Sam Breadon; June Brebner; Anne Bricknell; Veronique Broekhoven; Stephen Brown; Wendy Brown; Dr Jessica Brown; Rev Gordon Brown; Linda Brown; Dorothe Brown; Dr Ian Buchan; Richard Burns; Joan Busby; Lady Jennifer Bute; Mark Butler; James Buxton; Rachel Cadell; Lord & Lady Cameron of Lochbroom; Peter Cannell; Brenda Carmichael; Dennis Carmichael; Sir David & Lady Carter; Stephen Carter; Peter Casebow; Thomas Caskie; Ian Catling; Alison Chapman; Donna-Janine Christie; Hilary Clark; Rose Clark; Sheila Colvin; James Cook; Lady Coulsfield; Mrs F M Craig; Dr Clive Criper; Hugh Croll; Iain & Elizabeth Currie; Professor John Dale; Janet Darling; Engelina Davids; Christine De Luca; Ingjerd Dickson; Dr & Mrs Dinwoodie; Arlene Doherty; Sheila Douglas; Dr Gordon Drummond; Martin Eckersal; Dr Roslyn Evans; Peter Fantes; Bea Ferguson; Kenneth Ferguson; Dr Frances Fischer; William Fleming; Raymond Footman; Jean Fowlie; Archie & Ellen Fraser; Dianne Fraser; Dr Neil Fraser; Shirley Fraser; Rachel Frith; Kenneth Garden; Robert Gates; Gavin & Kate Gemmell; Jennifer Gibb; Archie Gibson; Joyce Gibson; Robert Gilbert; Stephen Goldie; Susan Goode; Martin Gordon; J Malcolm Gourlay; Iain Gow; Dr James Gray; Margaret Green; Keith Griffiths; Dairmid Gunn; Marjorie Guthrie; Mary Haggart; Douglas Hall; Ian & Elspeth Hall; Gordon Hamilton; Robin Harding; Alan & Marjorie Harding; Pamela Harper; Dr Nadine Harrison; Jaqueline Higgs; R G Hill; S Ian Hogarth; Nicholas & Heather Holmes; Joy Holmes; Eileen Holttum; J Douglas Home; Dr Edward Housley; Ursula Hounslow; Kenneth & Ann Hughes; Sue Hunt; Marc Hutchinson; John Innes; Duncan Innes; Audrey Innes; Lionel & Mary Jackson; Ronald Jamieson; Guy Johnson; Sir Raymond & Lady Johnstone; Jane Kellett; Veronica Kinahan; Jane King; Dr N Kreitman; Dr Gabriele Kuhn; Prof Andrew Lacey; Helen Laidlaw; Dr David & Dr Joan Lamb; Dr Anne Leaver; Norman Lessels; Christine Lessels; Dr Janet Lewis; Geoffrey Lord; Steven Lugiai; Phyllis Lutz; Christine MacDonald; John Macharg; Dr Ronald Mackie; Catherine MacMillan; Jan Mann; Prof Claire Marston; Fiona Martynoga; Chris & Gill Masters; Rosemary Maxwell; Alexander McCall Smith; Paul McCloskey; Margaret McGhee; Hon Lord McGhie; Dr Gerald McGovern; Maurice McIlwrick; Penelope McKee; M M & J S McLay; David McLellan; Derek McLeod; P John McNeill; Fiona Mcowan; Patricia Meikle; Ian Millar; Ian Millar; Sheila Millar; Alan Miller; Andrew Milligan; James Muirhead; Kathleen Munro; Brian Neill; Jocelyn Ness; Vina Oberlander; Brendan O'Connor; Pam Ogg-Rauchwerger; Dr Sheena Ostrowski; Eleanor Palmer; Tanya Parker; Prof David Parker; Margaret Parkin; Christopher Paul; Tam Pollard; Camilla Pollock McCall; John Powell; Hugh Raymond; Alastair Reid; Stephen Renals; David Revolta; Jack Reynolds; Robin Rice; Mr & Mrs J.Riley; Dr Fiona Rodger; Dr M Elizabeth Rogers; Hilary Ross; Brenda Rowan; Irene Russell; Cecilia Russell; Mike Rymaruk; Robin Salvesen; Prof Eric Salzen; Andy Saunders; Francesca Saunders; Stella Scott; Elizabeth Scott; Alan Searl; Linda Shand; Jill Shanks; Jenifer Sharp; Rebecca Sharp; Anne Shaw; Gordon & Margaret Shiach; Alan Shute; Patrick Simpson; Prof E Mary Smallwood; David Smith; Gordon Smith; Christine Smith; Dennis Smith; David Somervell; Norma Speedie; Henrietta Simpson; Karl Stern; Vivien Stern; William Stevens; Eric Stevenson; Malcolm Stewart; Mirren Stobie; Adam Stone; George Stout; David Strang; Anne Sturrock; Grant Sutherland; Jill Swales; Elizabeth Swift; Dr St Clair Taylor; Margaret Thomson; Martin & Diana Thurston Smith; Colin Tyre; Chris Urmson; Mark Urquhart; Michael Vickers; Inez Visser; J Bryan Wade; Julia Wallace; Selby Wands; Ingeborg Wanless; Dr Anne Waring; James Wastle; Juliette Watson; Alastair Weatherston; Lord Weir; Elizabeth Whitelaw; Robert Whytock; Nicholas Whytock; Richard Wightman; Dr Alison Wilkinson; Alexander Wilson; Ian M Wilson; Ian Wilson; Pat Wimbush; Mrs Wood; Thomas Woof; Molly Woolgar; Patricia Wotherspoon; Dr Peng Lee Yap; Bertram Zank

Plus several anonymous donors

Image: Michael Dawson