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Southside of The Tracks 40 years of traditional music at The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh tonight marked a very important milestone in the history of The Queen’s Hall as a live music venue, 40 years of providing a home for a vast variety of music over the years in the Southside of Edinburgh. 

Since 1979, The Queen’s Hall has been a music venue like no other in Edinburgh and with many thousands of performers from every genre of music taking to its stage over the years, and many, many thousands of performances, the venue has taken a special place in the hearts of performers and audiences alike. Although 1979 is the opening date for the venue as “The Queens’s Hall”, this building was originally built as a church in 1823 and this space shares a long history with the Southside of Edinburgh.

Southside of The Tracks, the first of the Queen’s Hall 40th anniversary events to take place in 2019, is an event curated by Scotland’s foremost fiddle player, John McCusker, and presented by The Queen’s Hall,  bringing together some of the finest writers and performers of traditional musicians.

The list of talent on-stage tonight is impressive and includes... read the rest of the review here.