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Mr McFall's Chamber announce the three new pieces premiering at their event at The Queen's Hall on Sunday 12 August.

This programme steers an adventurous course through the gaps between jazz, rock and funk with three first performances of commissioned works alongside some of the group’s favourites from the past.

Featured soloist is the Spanish clarinettist Maximiliano Martín, principal clarinet with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Line-up is jazz trio (keyboards, bass and drums) alongside clarinet, string quartet and percussion.

The three new pieces, commissioned with funding from the PRS Foundation, are as follows:

Firstly, “Born in Dirt an’ Din” by pianist, Paul Harrison. Harrison has described this as “written as a soundtrack for an imaginary silent film about the Clyde shipyards, combining the string ensemble with krautrock and electronica influences”.

The second new piece is by funk bandleader Mike Kearney and is titled “The Phoenix”. The reason for the title is described thus by the composer: “after 5 months of depressing writer's block, The Phoenix was penned over two days of intense inspiration. The piece, then, is about rebirth - the glorious and fiery death of one state of mind in order to give rise to a new one”.

The third, commissioned some time ago, but awaiting the right moment for its first performance, is Vivian Barty-Taylor’s 'Red Blue Balance'. In an entirely original departure, this is an exploration of rhythms derived from the golden ratio and pure interval tunings. 

The line-up for this concert includes Stuart Brown on drums, Iain Sandilands on percussion, composer Paul Harrison on piano and keyboards, Rick Standley on bass, as well as French violinist, Cyril Garac. The programme also includes music by Tim Garland, Martin Kershaw, Frank Zappa and Raymond Scott.

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