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24/11/18: Martin Taylor and Martin Simpson together at The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh tonight, the fourth date in their current tour, was a chance to catch two guitar masters from two very different styles on stage enjoying their music and sharing it with their audience.

Martin Taylor is regarded by so many people as one of the finest jazz guitarists in the world today, and Martin Simpson’s reputation as one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players around always meant that the combination of these two fine musicians was going to be a special event.  Both Martins are long-time friends and their combined tours are always a pleasure to catch up with as there is that warmth and humour between both men that, combined with their respect of each other’s talents and a love of music, makes the combination of both on stage always something special.  Two fine guitarists, but one notable difference between them – Martin Simpson plays guitar and sings at the same time, Martin Taylor plays guitar, only adding occasional vocals if prompted.

The format of the show is a simple one, both Martins play together complementing one another’s very different styles, and each has his own solo performance time.   Both men are outstanding musicians in their own right and I would happily go and see either in concert at any time; together though, there is always that element in the air of something unexpected about to happen musically between the two of them, some magical, musical spark.

Martin Simpson, as well as being recognised for his guitar skills, is also recognised as one of folk music’s finest contemporary writers and performers, and whether it is his own interpretation of older songs, or his own works, there is always one thing behind all of his music –“Truth in The Words”.  That truth means there is also enormous power and at times vulnerability in his songs, and this was more than evident in this show as Martin paid tribute to... read the rest of the article here.