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23/11/18: Breabach, the multi-award winning Scottish Band, brought to The Queen‘s Hall Edinburgh stage tonight a blend of traditional music, self-written songs inspired by many musical cultures, and music from their new album” Frenzy of the Meeting”.

Uniting the talents of Megan Henderson (Fiddle, Vocals plus tonight some traditional dancing), James Lindsay (Double Bass, Vocals), Calum MacCrimmon (Bagpipes, Whistle, Vocals), James Duncan Mackenzie (Bagpipes, Flute), and Ewan Robertson (Guitar, Vocals), Breabach is more of a music collective than many standard bands as, here, all members are songwriters, and those distinctly different personalities are what give the band its unique musical sound and feel.  Breabach are very much a touring band and their travels to different countries have allowed each member to absorb and be influenced by other musical customs and cultures in their own individual way, and this is what is allowing their music to often be taking inspiration outside of traditional Scottish musical roots.  Many of the musical roots that they are incorporating into their music do though weave through each other as people have taken their music with them wherever they went over the years.

With a new album out to promote, many of the songs in tonight’s set came from “Frenzy of the Meeting”, the follow up to their award winning 2016 album “Astar”.  The new album is pretty much a statement in music of where the band are “now” as there is a blend here of traditional songs like  “Invergordon’s Welcome” and “The Oban Ball” contrasting sharply with a very contemporary title –“Google This”.  Traditional influences on new music are... read the rest of the article here