WHAT'S ON / Dunedin Consort: Matthew Passion

Dunedin Consort: Matthew Passion

23 March 2018 at 7:00pm

Bach: Matthew Passion

Nicholas Mulroy, Evangelist

Known even in Bach’s time as his ‘great’ Passion, the Matthew Passion lays out the narrative of Christ’s suffering and death in epic proportions: double chorus, double orchestra, and in music of staggering beauty and profundity. It unfolds with intractable dramatic momentum, as well as presenting a succession of tableaux that invite the listener to contemplate the many resonances of this journey. However, the work also suggests a more fundamental question: how, even in the depths of despair and subjected to grave injustice, humanity is able - through faith and through love - to find hope, consolation and joy.

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Dunedin Consort: Matthew Passion / information

Dunedin Consort: Matthew Passion
Event Dunedin Consort: Matthew Passion
Date 23 March 2018 at 7:00pm
Tickets £12/£17/£22/£25 £9.50/£14/£18/£20 concessions

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