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Why The Queen's Hall needs your support

"One of my four favourite venues in Europe" (Malcolm Martineau)

The Queen's Hall - Interior Photo 2009
The Queen’s Hall has been at the heart of music making in Edinburgh since 1979 when the Church of Newington and St  Leonards  was bought and converted into a 900 seat concert hall after a public appeal. Since then it has become known internationally as the setting for the much loved Edinburgh International Festival Morning Concerts and an ideal space for  chamber music.

"The Queen’s Hall is one of the most distinctive concert halls in the country, with a fabulous acoustic for all kinds of music, an extraordinary atmosphere, and a strong programming style which ranges from jazz to Americana to chamber music, as well as being Edinburgh’s most successful venue for innovative Scottish music of all hues. Musicians love the space."
(David Jones, Serious)
While its roots lay in the classical tradition recognition of the Hall’s  unique atmosphere and wonderful acoustic for all styles and genres of music quickly lead to the expansion of the programme to embrace jazz, pop and the wide array of world and traditional music. Over 200 events are now staged every year with 100,000 people passing through our doors.  

"An iconic hub of great music and performance. I have such a great affection for the place." (Phil Cunningham, MBE)
Once you remove our Box Office income and public grants, The Queen's Hall has a funding gap of over £200,000 a year. If we relied only on ticket sales and hire income there would be a dramatic reduction in the scope of what we offer. We need to raise money to underwrite our own series of concert promotions to complement the busy programmes promoted by external users of the venue. The Queen's Hall frequently brings jazz, folk, acoustic and world musicians to Edinburgh who would not play here unless we promoted their concerts.

If you can offer support please contact David Heavenor, Development Manager:
Telephone: 0131 622 7389
Email: davidh@queenshalledinburgh.org
Mail: The Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9JG

You can also donate directly to The Queen's Hall online at: